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This is the PDF of the research photos I presented in our first production meeting. The second file is my practical list and prelim gel swatches.

We had planned to put on this production until it got canceled due to COVID. We did hold production meetings and I was on my way to a final design.

These are examples of my thumbnail sketches from our second meeting.

These are examples of renderings I prepared for the final production meeting before we had to cancel for safety. 

Additional Information: For this production, I wanted there to be a night and day difference between Cliff's regular world in the boarding house, and the nightlife at the underground club. The club is where everyone lets loose and demons and desires are more clear. I wanted to reflect this in the look, and I loved the idea that space would look different at every angle you looked at it through. Through the production, I wanted there to be a clear evolution as things become to be clearer to Cliff, and the world shows its true colors in and out of the club. For example, I wanted to use red light in the background looming, and then use more of it in more pronounced ways when he starts to see the evil that has always been there. I was aiming for overall a gloomy and even creepy, ethereal feeling.

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