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This was a fully designed production that was canceled due to COVID.

These production photos were staged after we were allowed to return after lockdown. The set was in the process of being changed over, and we were unable to get professional photos done. 

These are examples of research photos used during this process.

Additional Information: For this show, I took a lot of inspiration from Irish folklore. I made a lot of color choices off of artwork related to these stories. I really wanted the ghost stories to feel like they were taking over the world of the bar as they were being told, and I included a lot of long fade-ups into the different colored look, and fade downs back into the world of the bar. I especially wanted to use green to represent both life and death throughout this production and played with intensity and tone to accomplish this. 

Additional Materials 

*This show was done in rep with Next Thing You Know, so this plot is for both productions. 

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